What's bitter

"when life is tough on you, treat yourself like you would a friend"

Here we go again. Me, with my sad feelings. Sharing in the pages.

We experience little frustrations every day. But today, i experience a very big frustration. Something that cant be explain. Something that make me want to cry. But i keep holding it. Ask myself. Whats wrong with me. Maybe there is something that undone. Maybe i'd hurt people's feeling. Or maybe, i'm the one who'd been hurt *sigh* I cant even explain it at all. In the midst of sadness.

Everybody got their own problems, had their own way to overcome it. Some of them, just hide their problems. And others, just let it go. But you must remember, you will never stop thinking about it until you're not done dealing with it. Your mind will get tired, and your heart will feel very uneasy. Try to settle it in a very nice way. Even people will hate you much more. At least, we tried.

We all make mistakes. We wouldn't be human if we didn't. We're all too good at beating ourselves up for our errors of judgement or even for things that happen to us that we had no control over. We even punish ourselves for not being 'perfect' when we've not even done anything wrong. In reality, no one in this world is perfect. But forgive and forget will never be that easy. Even you try so hard.

This kind of damaging self-talk is the recipe for madness, and can prove horribly addictive. And believe me, sometimes the negative thoughts going round and round in my head made me close to crazy. And being crazy all the time. Sometimes we just have to accept that we did do those things. Maybe we hurt someone else's feelings. Maybe we act impulsively and it had a bad outcome. Maybe we over-reacted when we promised ourselves we wouldn't. We didn't make these mistakes because we are horrible or bad people. We made them because we're human. And once we get as far as realizing this, we then need to find a way to forgive ourselves.

Instead of punishing yourself, you need to start making an extra effort to be kind to yourself. I guess no one knows about what i feel now. Yes, i'm good by hiding it with my wide smile. Yes, i'm that good.

Let go of what's bitter and move on. That's life.

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