'Everytime you smile at someone it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.'

Its been awhile since i've not updated my blog in fully english. Need inspiration and abnormal aura. 

We wait for good things to happen to us and automatically also wish that bad things will simply go away. Please.

I got so many thoughts in my mind. Many uneasy feelings overwhelmed my heart this lately. I've tried unburdening my thoughts by let it keep in pages. Tried to let it go and empty my mind. But its just useless. Something not right here and there. 


Nowadays, we often hear the phrase of 'let it go' all the time. Oh God i wish its was that easy as we blink our eyes. But it is not the easiest concept to grasp or thing to do. We hang on to all kinds of memories and emotions - negative self image, critical thoughts, feelings to all kind of relationships, things we regret, anger at some situation, final exams, all assignment that need to submit by time, and bla blaa.. and the list still go on.. and on.. 

It's not always possible to understand other people's behaviour include ourself. So, rather than working yourself up about finding the right answer, which can drive you mad, learn to let it go. It's kinder to yourself just to begin the work of dealing with your own life, and a more effective way of leaving behind the pain. You can't change the person who hurt you, or what they did. Yes, sometimes people do lie in relationships, but often they will have loved you when they said they did, but their feelings might simply have changed - as painful as that may be to hear. Can you believe it? Please. Just stop torturing yourself, your heart.

That kind of feelings when you're overwhelmed by loss or grief or heartbreak, or feel very angry about something that feels unfair, it can seem unnatural just to let the feelings go. We sometimes want to hold on to them tightly, to try to find explanations, to refuse to forgive, and we stew in our anger and rage in hope that we can magically change what happened. But we cant. And deep down, you know this. It doesnt mean accepting defeat. In fact, if you can do this, you're proving that you are anything but defeated. So let it go. Survive.

At the end of the day, i'm just a normal girl who survived something terrible but still be thankful for all the given. And yes, i keep waiting for the next disaster thing in life (but please no). 

Till then. Keep head held high.

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